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Beijing House

Welcome to the Beijing House, which is located within Temple Terrace between 275 and 75. We are only miles from Busch Gardens, Mosi & the University of South Florida.


Chinese Food

Beijing Cuisine, also known as Jing cuisine and Mandarin cuisine, and as Beijing cuisine in Taiwan, is the local cuisine of Beijing, the national capital of China. As Beijing has been the capital of china for centuries, its cuisine is influenced by culinary traditions from all over china, but the style that has the greatest influence on Beijing cuisine is that of the eastern coastal province of shangdong.Beijing cuisine has itself, in turn, also greatly influenced other Chinese cuisines,paticularly the cuisine of Liaoning,the Chinese imperial cuisine, and the Chinese aristocrat cuisine. We servering all the authentic Chinese food, especially some spicy dish, grilled cooked dish is always popular!



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We serve all the authentic asian food, especially some spicy dish, the grilled cooked dish is always popular!


Mon - Sun:
11:30 am – 10:00 pm


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